July Prophetic Highlights 

Trump's 2nd Term, The Church's Exodus from Trump Support, Corporations  Watch Out for Extortions, Wall Street Rising 

July Prophetic Highlights - Trump's 2nd Term, The Church's Exodus, Wall Street Rising, Corporations Watchout for Data Breach

The Exodus of the Church from Trump Presidency: The Lord is saying, As the Church continues to drop support for President Trump, the Lord is releasing favor upon America and the church will realize the Lord does not need a majority to do what He is set to do. 

Coronavirus resurgence fear: News of Coronavirus will be amplified. The previous wave of the infection will show up, do not act by sight, the strength and power of rage have been cut off.  

 Circumcision of the mouth: A month where the Lord is releasing the rod of discipline to those who have not circumcised their mouth.  A month where the Lord will awaken those who disrespect elders and cause a shift into righteousness.

 The spirit of extortion: Corporations must take data security seriously (data protection and data loss) as the enemy is set to exploit them.  

Economic growth: There will be growth upon growth on Wall Street. Wall Street will move towards supporting the president.