Pray for Philadelphia, Streams and Sword Released


Two words the Lord has released today: Sword and Stream. Today is the day of deeper revelations being released to God’s worshippers, and to hold tightly to the sword of the Spirit - the word of God Streams will be multiplied unto builders. Those who have been given the task of nation-building. You will receive downloads upon downloads as the streams of heaven are let loose. Creativity will be brought forth through the streams for your assignment here on earth. The  Lord is also calling builders to go deeper into His word today. The word of God is the sword you need to fight as you build, just like the days of Nehemiah.  

 To the souls disconnected from the Father. The Lord is bringing repair to souls that have been polluted and traded on the altars of food, sexual pollution, and worldly affairs. Today, souls will be repaired. Get friendly with the word of God. Take care of your soul and seek God deeper, making the word of God your default today. 

 Prayer focus for Intercessors Pray for Philadelphia today: Weight of Destruction, that is planning to invade Philadelphia - be exposed and destroyed in the name of Jesus. All arguments of destruction, be destroyed. Pray against all resurgence of plague in Philadelphia. Break the yoke of the spirit of death in Jesus Name .