March 28, 2020 - Prophecy


The Church

The rod of correction has gone out to correct the church. The Church has made an unholy alliance with other gods Lord and that is why the laws of the land have taken over the voice of the church. What happens when the reign of Joseph is over? What happens when the king of the that does not know Joseph comes into power? The church must arise as the bride of Christ and put away adultery with other gods.


Many churches have entertained Jezebel. They have turned the altar of God to a desecrated temple. They have turned the church gatherings into the gathering of the Babylonians. That is why there is so much infirmity within the church walls. Only hot air, no more power, and is all about the numbers. Yes, the church must populate heaven and this is evidenced by numbers but the blood cross of Jesus was not meant for profit-making. It was the cross that made a clear divide between good and evil, and the church must be able to stay away from evil. Why then has the church compromised? When will this idolatry stop, when will it stop selling the attention to My people to the highest bidder? If the church does not repent, a greater rod of punishment is in stock.


How long will the church profane My holy Sabbath? How long will the church profane My Holy altar? How long will the church profane His name? The Sabbath of the land has not been observed. The land will go on rest. As long as the people are in captivity, the land will have its own rest. It is time for the church to take heed, it is time to do the work of reaching out to the lost. It is time to arise and be the voice to the voiceless. It is time for the church to decree the coming of the Lord Jesus. It's time for the church to arise and chase out Jezebel from the church, that strange prostitute from the church, that the church may be washed, cleansed and made ready for the coming of the Lord.


The Bridegroom

The table is READY AND SET set, everything is ready for the bridegroom to appear. Just as in the days of Covid-19, the BrideGroom just came as people were not expecting it. They were going around until the trumpet sounded and the great and fearful day came. Just as it is in the days of Noah, so is the coming of the Bridegroom. Be prepared.



Pray Against Inferno

Pray for this nation that the enemy will not come with a raging fire. I saw a massive inferno raising the building down. People descending into lawlessness and setting ablaze their own beloved cities and lands.

Prayer: Father Lord, expose and arrest those plotting destruction by inferno in the name of Jesus. 


5 weeks turnaround

In about 5 weeks - we will see the turning around for the healing of the balm has gone over the land. Before the great calm, the voice of the enemy is going to get louder and louder. Therefore the children of God must decide not to echo the voice of darkness. Stand firm. The deception of darkness will be exposed in major ways. In about 5 weeks. The economy will be jumpstarted. The plan of the enemy is to hold the nation at ransom. The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord will not allow for an extended lockdown even as the scream of “lock it down continues”. Help has risen up for America and help is on the way. The people of God will be allowed to gather again. Hold on help is on the way. These next 24 hours are very important to this land. Extending to the next 72, very crucial for the Lord is passing through the land of America.




  • Father Lord, we pray for the leaders for divine wisdom and guidance in the name of Jesus.

  • Father we pray for the first responders that you strengthen them in the name of Jesus.

  •  Lord God, we pray that you would avert all impending disasters by your mercy in Jesus name.

  • Father, help us to remember that your coming is at hand in the name of Jesus.

  •  Father, bring the church back into your ways in the name of Jesus.