March 21, 2020 - Prophecy


The Economy: The Target of the Enemy

The primary purpose of the plague is to devour the good of the land.  It is an arrow against the economy of the land. God’s people must take safety precautions and must also be spiritually aware that the enemy is targeting the economy of the land. The economy is the target to plunder America into recession. The plan of the enemy is to eat up the good of the land and to melt the gold of the nation to bring America into irrelevance.



  • Let the resurrection power of God come upon land of America in the name of Jesus

  • Father, move this cloud of darkness laying siege upon the economy of the nation in the name of Jesus

  • Powers targeting to plunder the good of the nation, be defeated by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

  • We pray that America will not lose its prophetic place and purpose in the name of Jesus.


Generational Rebellion 

The Lord is breaking the yoke of rebellion that cuts across generations, from the parents to the children, the Lord is breaking the yokes of rebellion. What began in the early 70s, translating into a movement of rebellion. The movement of the hippies that has b the nation into bondage. That yoke of Rebellion is broken this morning. 



 Father, let the power of rebellion be completely destroyed in the nation of America in the name of Jesus.



6-Weeks Turn Around

God is doing a new thing.In the next 6 weeks, watch as the Lord transforms the land. I am doing a new thing. In the space of 6 weeks, there ill be a turnaround in this nation. The Lord is giving a heart of flesh to the citizens of this nation, a heart that is selfless, that worships and puts the need of others over themselves. A heart that is kind, a heart that puts the needs of others above once self. A newer realm of power and authority is released in this land. No longer will you have a body of Christ without power. No longer will there be the gathering of believers without substance. The Lord is releasing a new power unto the Church. Let the Church of God, arise, for the coming of the bridegroom is at hand. Therefore, let everyone depart from the ways. The Lord has ordained this process. He has ordained a re-ignition of the fire of revival. Revival is breaking forth in churches in all parts of America, starting from the District of Columbia.



  • Father strengthen your church in the name of Jesus

  • Give a heart of flesh to the citizens of America, and let it all be all about you Lord, in the name of Jesus.

  • Lord Jesus, release your power and authority again to your body in the name of Jesus

  • Father, bring the church out of a state of powerlessness in the name of Jesus.