The Mayanmar Prophecy 

The Myanmar Prophecy (April 2020)

A sister from the nation of Myanmar has asked for the English subtitles of the prophecy from April 2020 

 This is a word for for the nation of Myanmar also known as Burmur. In a revelation, I saw what appears to be a gardening forks. Everyone over htat nation was doing the same thing. I was wondering what is this. The Lord said this is the gardening fork of oppression that the nation has been oppressed for too long.  And the Body of Christ in that nation is almost non-existent. The Lord is saying the fire of revival is about to be birth forth. In that revelation, as people were holding on to the gardening fork, it appears there was an announcemen over the airwaves and everyone could hear it. All of a sudden everyone threw away their gardening folks and they lifted their hands and there was so much joy on the street. Everyone was so happy and there was jubilation on the street.  The cry of the unheard has been heard. The Lord is releasing a great change in that nation.  The yoke of demonic oppression is broken. The reign of darkness is shattered. The name of the Lord will be released again even in the nation of Myanmar. The Lord is saying the people shall be free again. I saw what appears to be banners and people were waving their flags and banners, and in the atmosphere was freedom . freedom and freedom. What does it mean?

This means that the  word of the Lord has gone forth over the name of Myanmar. And I decree by the power in the name of Jesus, let freedom, spriitual revival and deliverance from oppression be released over the nation of Myanmar. The angels of the Lord watching over that nation, watching, I pray that the name of the Lord be released from the heavenlies and let the angels of the nation of Myanmar receive reinforcement and empowerment in the name of Jesus. It is settled and we shall see the manifestation on eearth.

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